Seminar: Which Way Does Your Brain Go?


As we continued along the same topic on the Right vs. Left brain we see more of the evolution of which side I more closely identified alongside. We did more assessments, and I was surprised to see how strongly I identify as a Left Brainer!

This concept was interesting since, there were some questions in which I sided with the right brainers. I really appreciate art/music, and mostly prefer those aspects when it comes to learning. I also appreciate how they gather information by feelings and intuition. If feel those are aspects in which mostly can help when it comes to my profession of student affairs. I can see myself identified as the left brainers but I can fully be on one side. It helps to have some parts in the other side, to some what create an understanding between the two fields.

When it was time to discuss the Left brainers, it was clear why I was on this side. Here were some of the traits I feel along with: retains information using words – numbers – and symbols, see only parts of the whole idea that guides then in their logical – step by step gathering of information, best able to express themselves with concise words – numerical and written formulas and technological systems.

I finally appreciated the fact in which attention to detail comes naturally to left brain learners. We also prefer a syllabus or program showing what will happen. In discussing, our professor brought up how the way he has been facilitating the class has impacted both brain learners. He was tiering the class to satisfy each of our needs. He gave us handouts in an organized manner, but made them aesthetically appealing to those who prefer them in color. He organized his power points for the different learners. He even gave us opportunities for left brainers to work alone and right brainers to work in groups. I was very impressed and stressed out with his psychological games. Everything which appealed to the right brain learners, irritated me in unmanageable  ways, but I appreciated the effort.

We ended with some questions in which caused for independent reflection. Does your parents play a role in your development? This question really cause some reflection. My parents were both right brain learners, and I feel them being against the spectrum we fall on, It pushed me to the other end. I am so far against what my parents are, and it even shows in how we make/follow through with our decisions. Since both of my parents are much different from myself, it helped to create my own path of education and professional development.


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