Academics are Down the Drain

staffandstudentbrainstormplagiarismThis week, we see how many of the students are just going above and beyond the line of disappointment! We are going to talk about academics, involvement, and even technology. Here are the readings for this week.

GOT: Chapter 2

CCRIA: Chapters 3-5

In class we touched on the ideas of how technology pays a huge roll in our society today. So much in face, many of us have had to adapt even though we were content with the traditional ways of learning and keeping track of time. We brought up the topic of having to be so attached to technology. This is an area in which most professionals have to be kept up with since it is a crucial way of life. Perfect example is our cell phones. We see gifs and advertisements about teens with their phones, but in reality we have to do the same in order to keep up with work while we are out of the office. Sure, sometimes we troll Facebook and other outlets, but in reality most of us are checking emails, professional web apps, and other social media outlets since we can easily reach other professionals around the country if needed.

The text brings up many ideas of self entitlement this generation brings when they enter the classroom. Many of them do not know the value of an education, and hard work ethic. They feel since they are paying for their education, they believe they should be given an A and then employment with a good job. We see examples of students not knowing the value of hard work or the consequences of plagiarizing others work. They feel and believe notes are a thing of the past, and they should be given exactly what to study and when they need to know the information.

In the flip side, we also see what universities are doing to help students persist towards graduation.  They have found many outlets in which are showing benefits, but it ends up depending on the students. They are attracted to the nice residence halls, the programs where faculty are highly involved, and the schools with the great reputations. We as professionals are providing the environment in which build success, but in reality, how much harm are we doing to students as well. I feel there needs to be a balance between challenging and supporting the students. In order to make a change for self authorship, it takes challenging the students. I feel this push for four-year graduation is a start, and hopefully it will prove to successful graduation rates.




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