Hi All-

Chih-Lun Yen - FCS

Welcome to my blog. I hope you share your passions along, because I will begin to express my experiences as a student affairs professional and I would love the see the view from afar.

A little back story to myself. I received a bachelors of science from Texas Tech University in Interdisciplinary Studies (Leadership emphasis) within the College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources. The fours year spent in Lubbock, TX was the best

four years of my life (I know cliché), but in all honestly they had a special impact on the professional I am today.

Living and working in the RESIDENCE HALLS (not dorms) along with my academic affairs, helped pave the career road I am exploring. I will not regurgitate my résumé to y’all (insert TX accent), so I would rather just let it be known I am a true housing child
Currently I am enrolled in the Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education (SAAHE) Masters of Arts program here at Ball State University! I could not be more excited to be here and see my career launch. In relation, I havean assistantship within the Housing and Residence Life department.protégé.

This blog has been anticipated for a while now, but I’d like to thank the wonderful faculty/staff here at Ball State University for the inspiration. Credit is given as well to those whom I spent my time with at Texas Tech University.

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