Seminar: Are you buying into having Multiple Intelligences?

multiple-intelligencesIn this weeks seminar class we were engaged with the Multiple Intelligences (MI) Theory. The theory was developed by Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of Cognition and Education at Harvard. He published the theory in his 1983 book “Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences”. The concepts were gathered and practiced under two populations; stroke victims suffering from aphasia and children in a lab studying cognitive development.

We began with the following assessment.

When taking the assessment I was not surprised with my bottom intelligences, I was more surprised with my top and the middle since they were so close with numbers. I would say a few questions differentiated between my top choices. Here was my rankings: 1) Body Movement 2) Self 3) Language 4) Social 5) Nature 5) Musical 6) Spatial 7) Logic/Math. I feel this was a great representation of all of the types of strengths, but the questions in which they were represented were misleading.

I agree with the theory in which their are areas in which each individual will strive in along with the idea of personal growth in the lower intelligences. Looking further into the 7 areas I feel my top ares make logical sense, and I see where I can further develop my weaker intelligences. Looking at my top 3, I feel they get a great sense of my learning style as well as my take on information.

Body Movement is defined as one who is interactive. They work well with ‘hands-on’ items in a convulsive environment. I really appreciated the fact they like to ‘wiggle’. Looking at self, they learn through feelings. They are people who take ownership over the items in which they uphold. Linguistic is an art in which they learn through spoken and written word. Achieving academic status has been a goal and they value learning in general.

I feel this theory has not been challenging, just lengthy overall. The reason being is everything has been broken down into many areas. I feel most of them could be broken down and more categorized.

Thank you for this week!



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