Seminar: “Learning Styles and Academic Assistance”

mercedes_paint-72dpiPart of my seminar this five weeks is dealing with the Learning Styles and Academic Assistance offered to help student development. I will be blogging about topics under this umbrella for the next five weeks.

Our instructor has detailed theories in which we will practice and gear our seminar discussions and activities to those theories in practice most often.

Our first item is the Left vs. Right brain dominance theory. It was interesting to go into detail about the topic since I myself have always wondered about this topic. We began with the history of the theory dating back to it being tested based on injured patients. I’m glad it has evolved from the originally beginnings of the method, as I do not seeing it being successful in todays generation.

We began with the age old game of looking at a paragraph of words which were composed of only several names of colors. The actual color font of the words did not match the designated color of the original word (i.e., RED, BLUE, GREEN). You were instructed to say the color of the font and not the word itself.

We then moved to discussing characteristics of the each side of the brain dominance. I originally feel into the right category from observation, but had some questions about seeing myself in the left side as well. With more activities and discussions, I found out I fall strongly with Left Brain dominancy. Through more discussion it actually made sense. We began talking about what types of ways we prefer learning and interactions with others, and it made more sense my belonging with the left brainers.

Here are some characteristics of a Left Brain Dominance: Logical, sequential, rational, analytical, objective, looks at parts, responsible for awareness of time – sequence – details – order, responsible for boundaries and knowing right from wrong, knows and respects rules and deadlines.

I will add more in a few days to discuss more about this method.




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