You have your Debt, But are you Ready???

for-profit-colleges-300x199This week we finished GOT with Chapters 7-8. I really appreciate this book since it puts it exactly in the manner in which professionals need to hear and address the students in the entering generations. I greatly appreciate how we have come to a conclusion in which students are entering college not ready for the life changing events. They have entitlement issues, and  how their problems seem to feel as a punishment.

Here is a list in which describes Today’s American College Student:

  • digital native
  • weak in face-to-face social skills
  • immature, needy, timid, protected, and tethered to their parents, who are their heroes
  • consumer orientated and entitled
  • optimistic about their personal futures
  • demanding of change
  • issue orientated rather than ideological
  • little involved in campus life
  • sexually active but inter-personally awkward
  • desperately committed to American Dream

I will not lie, I can say I partially fall to the impression of the list. I can only strive to achieve to change the perception my generation has created along with the one to follow. One last quote I would like to steal from the text was, ” Children should not be given unconditional applause for everything they do, just unconditional love”. I found this to be extremely powerful in a sense it can help shape the lives of students. They need to be challenged and pushed to achieve, versus settling.

I fond this week to be promising when begin to touch on the for-profit intuitions “College, Inc.” . I was amazed when this world was opened up to myself. I was amazed to see how much insight one person was able to create from a life experience to change the college world. I was horribly unimpressed with the film. I never really considered those universities to hold much value. I understand that is bold to say, but it astounded me by the betrayal and cost in which this business has grew into. Never would I have guessed they were bringing in so much money. It is interesting to see the success, and how much they put into the system when in reality how little progress it shows.

I fear of these colleges to replace the traditional universities. I wonder how much longer will they be able to continue their teachings and values. They are making a profit, but soon they will no longer hold any credibility and become merely a trade school for entry level positions. Yes, we have all seen the scary debts and loans it costs to obtain an education, but it is an investment. It takes dedication to create a life with a degree. These links will give insight to this ideal.




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