Seminar: Away from MI and into the VAK

vakTo finish up the last of the MI theory. We begin with the understanding the theory can be interpreted in many ways, as would any in the matter. I am leading to the never ending development of each intelligence. The theory and assessments have alternate notes to the theories. In the theory, it is broken down into two sections which helps adopts the idea of 3 intelligences which are controversial into a new category for inclusion. These 3 intelligences are 1) naturalist 2) existential 3) spiritual. I personally do not agree with the last three as they are beginning to be to general. I feel they can be interpreted in many different ways in which they are done so by personal choice. They are done so by influence outside academics and can be given preference by emotions.

Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic (VAK) is our new learning style in which we will be focusing on. This theory is one in which most can identify without giving credit truly to a creator. I appreciate the connection made in class with the progression of the VAK theory since we have began our development from grade school. We associate Kinesthetic learning with grades K-3rd. In this time we are presented new information. Colors, shapes, holding and playing with objects in order to learn what is being presented to us. We then see how grades 4-8 we are learning visually. We are able to see and recognize many of the items we have learned and adopt them to the teachings today. Finally we see the last progression of grades from 9-college. Many of the teaching at time lead to auditory. The cognitive development should been keen to follow instructions from a professor.

My questions I would pose is, What happens to the learning style post college? and What is being taught in most college campuses? We took an assessment on how closely related to which one. My scores were as following: Visual – 16 , Auditory – 15 , and Haptic – 16. Clearly I was not more of one than the other. This lead to the assumption how we all have each been exposed to these styles in our development, and how they have adjusted overtime. I will finish on this platform. We have all been exposed to all of the theories, but what happens after post graduation. Does learning happen the same way or is it adopted? Is there a mix of all of the trends depending on the items at hand?



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