We’re Up All Night To Get Lucky

I hope this week I can bring up some relevant and tasteful discussions which we see in today’s American College Student. Hopefully my pop culture references give you a laugh and keep you hear reading, because I will try to pose many questions and strike up discussions with some HOT topics. Here were some of the links to this past weeks reading:

Were those articles not exciting and moving? I know I had to bite my tongue while reading a few, and I caught myself pausing to reevaluate what I was reading along with wanting the argue with the articles. I found these connected well with students I have/am working with along with myself once in my younger college days. Many conflicting arguments are presented within the text so lets begin discussing.

“Hooking-up”, a term used loosely throughout many generations. I posed this question on many social media outlets asking what does this term mean to them. I found older generations referenced this term in regards to hanging up picture frames or even connecting electronics such as cable tv. When the responses began to flood in from the millennials, I would have to say the conversation ratings shifted from PG straight to R ratings. The responses were mainly from students who were still receiving their bachelors degree, and they were displaced across the country as well. It was interesting to see how they all had the same understanding for “hooking-up”. They defined it as having sexual intercourse with another individual who plays no significant role in their daily lives, and is not in any serious relationship with said person.

Going through many of the articles, I found it interesting how students mentioned in order to “hook-up” alcohol was usually a main factor. One female phrased it as such, “if I’m sober, then I’m working”. I understood where most of the women were coming from in the article. I understand where the new “relationships” are a potential hassle. This generation feel they must accomplish all goals and not be restrained by relationships. I can see where this is problem and “hooking-up” is a great solution to a stressful life. I can see at times where “hooking-up” is a great solution, but the reputation is what draws the negative stigma. I can personally say I have joined the ladies in the same goal, but having a relationship is much more of a happy ending.

scandalThis type of life-style reminded me of the show Scandal (it is a must watch). The sex scandals involved along with political corruption tie well together in the show to prove all work is hard but it does not mean it is always morally/ethnically in good nature.

We brought up in class the downfall education and human dignity have from social media. We talked about cyber bullying and the infamous website of http://blog.ratemyprofessors.com  . We brought up the idea how social media can diminish the reputation of mostly anyone these days. In this website we see how students can control the outcome of professors classes by posting comments from the course. The conclusion from this cite was established as a tool for 1% of students while the rest use it to find out which class will lead to the easy A.

I will leave a throw out a few questions out. If you have an option between a dream job or perfect relationship, which would you choose? Would you rather be liked or respected? If your dream job more important than a scandal? Would you rather be the cause or affected by a scandal? Would you rather ask for permission or ask for forgiveness? Until then…



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