Is that a Degree or an “I owe You” Receipt?


I could not begin to express how much my degree means to me.  Placed inside the  massively expensive double size frame it lives within hanging over my office, value could never be tied to joy it brings.  If you did want to place a value, the frame was $230 and the degree fluctuated between four years of: tuition, fee, books, personal expenses, travel, and drinks of choice.  All of which placed myself in a small amount of debt, but I would not have had it any other way.

Of course each person has their own persistence story, and each has values dear to the individual.  I was just raised to worry about school, and matters will fall to their design.  This week we had readings which sparked multiple emotionally driven connections.  I would love to hear what other professionals have to say about the readings and video below:

What did you think?  Right, hit a little home did they not?  It was almost as if they were making a personal attack towards my profession, and well to bad for what I feel and believe.  Lets begin with the video.  Declining by Degrees: Higher Education at Risk found a plethora of students and universities whom gave their personal opinion of the recent trends within higher education.  It was hard to grasp the opinions of those who lacked any desire or compassion.  The current generation (generation y) of students have a huge impact on higher education today.  We see examples of students who own their own hardships,  and conceptualize the idea of higher education a priority.

The millennials entered a society where capital is gained from obtaining degrees from institutions of higher education.  Referencing the film, students approach to gaining an education is split in half.  One side, students are wanting to obtain an education but carry burdens creating obstacles for degree completion. On the other side, students are invested with the social life college, and expect a degree in return for their fees.  That might sound bold and there are of course exceptions, but this has been a rising trend with this generation.

GOT and the film express distractions students are experiencing in today’s society.  Drugs, sex, alcohol, and technology seem to consume todays students. Those contribute on how students approach much of their daily activities.  Practitioners have to constantly adapt and battle against these factors to win top priority of the students.  I will not disassociate myself from any of those “extra-curricular” activities, but I never lost sight of my end goal.  Developing personally and professionally occurred, but post graduation was my goal.  There were times when the goal was altered, but adjustments were natural and well evaluated for success.

The articles revolved around the same topics.  Students were 1.) not ready or prepared for higher education , and 2.) advancement within society lead to technology trends that will alter higher education.  I start to question what is the real argument behind the issues.  Are we upset with students not being prepared for higher education, or are we upset with outside sources (e. g. politics, money, and support) not placing higher education above all?  My personal drive for success played a huge part for graduation.  While I had no idea what I was doing entering college, I was determined and strove for success.

The article, The End of the University as We Know It threw me off guard completely.  I had no idea anything information brought up would ever be a possibility since I was entering the field the article strictly addresses.  I’m passionate about working with students and developing student leaders.  That was one reason along with the entire list, but one huge contributor was job security.  If students attended college, then their was a need for student affairs.

To think that technology will advance and replace most of modern classroom settings is beyond myself.  I believe college should be affordable and faculty/staff should receive higher salaries, but to obsolete the classroom environment (student teacher relationship) would diminish the value of education.  From what I gathered from the articles, one was for the growth of higher education with technology, and the rest were describing how students were not ready to enter higher education.  The movie brings light to those who should not be in school, and to those who do not take advantage of the opportunities.

This will be one battle that never runs dry.  For now I will leave with this.  I personally loved every second of Texas Tech University & Ball State University.  Every dollar spent and every dollar wasted!  I look at that degree every day and I am proud to say I accomplished something others doubted.

“Strive for Honor” -Texas Tech University

“Education Redefined” – Ball State University



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