Thank You & Welcome


Thank you & welcome to my life. I will document and keep this blog as lively as possible. This grad school life is something else. The blog has been a product for class, but it is a tool for professional development as well. I will keep it active, fun, and daring. Honestly concerts with respect, being said “seek to understand” will be a goal in addition to professionalism.
post *but not limited to* reflections from class as instructed, but as the semester develops along with instructions, this blog will adapt to the social media trends. The course that has influenced the blog is EDHI 602- The American College Student. Instructed and lead by Amanda O. Latz, Ed.D.I will mostly

Articles, journals, links, videos, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and books related to the field is fair game to the blog. I will try my best to update what I can from classes and resources that have been provided. Here are the books that will have a direct impact on this blog for this semester:

  • Generation on a Tightrope: A portrait of todays’s college student. -Levine, A., & Dean, D. R.
  • Completing College: Rethinking institutional Action. -Tinto, V.
  • Increasing Persistence: Research-based strategies for college student success. -Habley, W. R., Bloom, J. L., & Robbins, S.
  • Student Services: A Handbook for the Profession. -Schuh, J. H., Jones, S. R., & Harper, S. R.
  • The Rights and Responsibilities of the Modern University: The Rise of the Facilitator University. -Lake, P. F.

Again, these will be sources where I get most of my information. Class discussion, work experience, and professional development opportunities have no limits. Please share my links and anything else produced from this location and other social media outlets.


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